Luxury Garage Renovations in Burlingame, CA; High End Cabinets, Lighting, Floor Design & More

If you live in a high-end home filled with the latest technology and finest finishes, the next natural thing to consider is a luxury garage remodel. Your high-end home isn’t actually complete until you finish this ever important space. If your garage space is lacking luster, Future Vision Remodeling is here with some ideas and recommendations for your garage remodel to turn it into a place of luxury.

Finishing Garage Walls & Ceilings

Many homes are built with an unfinished garage. Living in an expensive home that doesn’t have a finished garage, will bring down the value of your home. Finishing your garage space well will be the finishing touch your high end home needs to send it over the top. This will completely finish your home’s upscale appearance.

Plans for the Perfect Garage Space

Whenever a designer is handed an unfinished garage, it is like a blank canvas. You need to have the right professional help to catch your vision for your garage space. You will want your garage finished with only the highest quality materials and someone with the expertise to get the job done right. You will want innovative design mixed with state of the art equipment that will put your garage at the same design level as your home.

High-End Garage Cabinets Storage Solutions

You don’t want your garage filled with clutter or mis-matched cabinets to store your belongings in. The key design element in any high end garage is visually appealing storage solutions. With the help of custom fit cabinetry, you will see how the right storage will completely transform your garage into the garage of your dreams. Whether modern or industrial style cabinetry, it is essential that your garage is kept neat and tidy with the right amount of organization and storage.

Best Garage Floor Design

Transforming your garage into a luxurious space is done starting with the floor. Polyaspartic floor coating will instantly make your garage feel complete. This surface will help you avoid slipping and falling as well when compared to an unfinished concrete floor.

Garage Lighting Ideas

If you plan on spending any time in your garage, you want it to be properly lit. Choosing the right amount of lighting will illuminate your garage for those evenings when you are admiring your collection of premium vehicles. Some homeowners decide to go with an industrial feel in their garage and use stainless steel lighting applications while others are looking for an extension of their home and choose fixtures that are similar to the fixtures inside the home.

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If you have been considering a garage remodel to finish this final part of your home, you can turn to the remodeling experts at Future Vision Remodeling to create a luxurious space that will be the finishing touch that your property needs. With our experience and design training, we will work with you to ensure your vision for your garage is created using only the highest end materials. Call us today!

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