Design Elements Found in Luxurious Bathrooms in Redwood City, CA; High End Materials & More

When you step into a luxurious bathroom, there is no doubt in your mind there are elements that set it apart from your average bathroom. Usually there is a combination of design elements and space that create that unique feeling that homeowners are looking for in their luxury bathrooms. Future Vision Remodeling is here to share some design choices that set apart luxury from ordinary.

What Makes a Bathroom Look Like a Luxurious Spa?

We would like to list some of the elements that you will find in luxurious bathrooms. Some luxury bathrooms may have more than one of these elements to completely finish off the space and set it apart.
Space: Spaciousness is one of the first indicators that the bathroom is luxurious. Even when the bathroom isn’t large in terms of square footage, there are several illusions that give it that overall feeling.
High-End Materials: Nothing says sophisticated like high-end materials. Some of these may be marble, onyx, wood and more.
Contrasting Texture: When combining texture, it needs to be done right or the space will feel all wrong. When you combine the right texture, it an ooze luxury. Some of the best ways to do this is with natural stone, wood, fur and luxurious fabrics.
Bathroom Light Fixtures: Most bathrooms have functional lighting in them and that’s it. If you have the right light fixtures in your bathroom, it can really set a luxurious tone. Because they are out of the norm, a show stopping light fixture might be the ticket to making your bathroom luxurious.
Natural Light: Skylights are found in many luxury bathrooms as well as large windows with a view. When you have a healthy dose of natural light, it will make the space appear larger and more luxurious.
Unique Freestanding Bathtub: A large soaker tub is a great way to bring luxury into your bathroom. Many luxury bathrooms have a stand along bathtub that is the focus of the space and sets a dramatic tone. Think outside the box when choosing your bathtub.
Sophisticated Color: The color you choose for the walls of your bathroom can change the overall feel of the space in a matter of moments. When you pick the right color, it will set the stage of your bathroom.
Bathroom Accessories: The best way to give your bathroom character is with the right accessories. Bring nature inside with the right plants, some high-end seating, a chic bathroom rug or a wall of mirrors. The accessories you choose for your bathroom will be the finishing touch as you bring luxury in with unique finds.

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