Outdoor Kitchen Code Requirements in San Jose, CA; Gas Cooking Appliances, Sinks & More

When you want to extend your living spaces outside many homeowners well remodeling their back yard and build an outdoor kitchen and dinning areas. When you begin designing your backyard for an outdoor kitchen there are code and regulations that must be met before you can begin construction. Future Vision Remodeling will share what code must be met when building an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen Gas Cooking Appliances

Gas is a natural gas often used for fueling cooking appliance such as grills and cook tops. There are a few codes and regulations when building an outdoor cooking area. First there is no code for freestanding gas grills since there is enough air flow to prevent carbon from building up and less chances of a fire. However, this isn’t the case when it comes to built-in grill or stove. First their must be either an exhaust hood if the grill is underneath a roof or near a window. It is best to have your outdoor kitchen built more out and away from the home where there is not air restrictions. If gas lines are being added often the state will require a permit and a licensed plumbing or contractor to add to existing gas lines. Each state and city varies code for gas lines which can dictate where the gas lines run which may or may not allow gas lines to run underground or through deck or porches.

Electrical Outlet Installations for Outdoor Kitchens

If you want to avoid gas appliances or want the convenience of electrical outlets for small kitchen appliances or tools, there are a number of electrical codes that must be met. For example you can have only the minimum of 20 amp to each outlets more will require additional outlet to be installed. Additional you must use exterior outlet or GFCI outlets outside to ensure electrical safety. When wanting electrical convenience it is important that you follow all local codes and make sure all electrical system are installed by a professional.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Drain Options

Many homeowners will request an outdoor sink to be installed or design into their outdoor kitchen plans for easier clean up. Adding plumbing to supply water isn’t often a problem however, it is adding a drainage system that can get complicated. A drainage line must connect to the city run offs and public sewer systems. Often permits are need in most cases to ensure the it is up to code and don’t affect public plumbing. When you want to add a full functional sink all code must be met.

Design & Build of Outdoor Kitchen

The design of the outdoor kitchen doesn’t typically need to follow any specific code. Only the plumbing, electrical and gas are the main considerations. Sometime permits or code can be worked around if the gas is independent and uses propane tanks versus actual gas line. However, the cooking area must be ventilated to prevent fire and other hazards.

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When seeking out a professional contractor to help you design and build your home’s outdoor kitchen, contact Future Vision Remodeling. We can ensure you outdoor kitchen is up to code and create an outdoor kitchen and living space you will enjoy. For Luxury home remodeling contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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