High End Multi Purpose Laundry Room Design Ideas in San Jose, CA to Make Your Life Easier!

During a home remodeling project, we often focus on the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom remodels first. However, don’t forget the laundry room. Laundry is a never ending task which is why you will want to make your laundry room design one that will help make laundry an easier undertaking. For those who haven’t put much thought into their laundry room design, Future Vision Remodeling has a few suggestions to create the most luxurious laundry room possible, and one that suits your dreams.

High End Laundry Room Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

Washing Machine and Dryer – The number one element in a laundry room is, of course, the washer and dryer. When you’re designing your laundry room, there are a few options when it comes to the washer and dryer. There are side by side washers and dryers, and then there are stack-on units to help provide more space for smaller washrooms. If you have a smaller washroom area, consider doing a stack-on washer and dryer to provide more space for valuable laundry rooms aids. For both side by side and stack-on machines, you can also use built-in cabinets to go around the machine to provide an enclosure that provides the option for more useable space.
Cabinets – Don’t just think about the standard hanging cabinets for laundry rooms. As stated before you can build cabinets around the washer and dryer, but there are many other options and designs to make your cabinet space more useable. Consider using a cubby system to help organize your laundry and cleaners, or even design a rug hanging rack. Additionally, consider designing a tail rod for air drying delicate clothing or to hang clothes on as they finish drying. This makes it easier to put clothing away and keep them orderly. There are a ton of designs for cabinet spaces.
Counter Tops and Sinks – Counter tops help provide space for laundry baskets and folding areas. Additionally, a sink can help when you need to work on stubborn stains that are on your clothing. Sometimes some stains require a good soak before washing. A sink provides the place to soak and scrub out stains.
Pet Bath – For smaller pets, a sink is still ideal. However, for those with large dogs, consider installing a pet shower in your laundry room. This will help keep you pets clean before they roam the rest of the house. Dog baths are growing in popularity due to their convenience.
Laundry Room Materials – Some of the best materials for flooring and even back splashes is tile. Tile can hold up much better in the heat and humidity that occurs inside laundry rooms. Some people may consider installing wood floors. However, they won’t last as long and will need frequent refinishing. Cabinet materials do vary and often wood is used. Although they do just fine, some will use Veneer wood instead. Many love using natural stone for counter tops or even polished concrete countertops.

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What you do to your laundry will vary depending on the size of your laundry room and your budget. However, there are many great ways to make doing laundry easier and in an environment you enjoy working in. For all of your luxury remodeling needs, contact Future Vision Remodeling today!

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