How to Add Texture During a Home Remodel in San Bruno, CA; Tongue Groove Ceiling & More

One of the ways to add uniqueness and creativity to your home is to find ways to set it apart from other homes that are much more standard. A way to create a unique look is to find ways that you can add some layers of texture to the house. You might think that texture cannot possibly make that big of a difference in a home but it can bring your home from standard to unique and high end. The only way to make sure that it fits in with the rest of the house is to have it done by a professional that is doing the remodeling project. They can talk to you about ways that you can create that texture that will set you apart.

Future Vision Remodeling Offers Tips for How to Decorate Your Home Remodel with Texture

Tongue & Groove Ceiling Installation: One of the things that you can do is to add some texture to unexpected areas of the house. The ceiling is over looked and often left with nothing but a coat of paint. The great thing is that if you add some texture to the space you can set your home apart. The best way to do that is to use what is called a tongue and groove ceiling. It is the same technique that is often used on flooring. The pieces fit together one piece at a time and create a smooth finish but also some texture as well. You can then add some color to the space as well if you want to. You can use this type of texture in any room in the house but it works great in main living spaces as well.
Install Wainscoting on Walls: Another way that you can add some texture to the home is with wainscoting. It is something that was used more many years ago and kind of went out of the styles that people went to. The great thing is that it is now a great option and comes in many different textures. The textures that you can choose from are the different shapes that are formed. It is installed on walls that you want to add the texture to. You can choose a single wall or you can go with an entire room depending on the look and the feel that you want. It a great way to still use white color and have some unique texture and style in the room.
Attach Crown Molding: If you are looking at a way to install some texture in a space and you want to keep the walls clear of wainscoting you can use molding. A great type of molding to use is called crown molding and that can run along each and every room. This helps to add elegance as well as texture and allows the rooms to all flow together. You can use paint to add even more fun or modernization to the space as well. This might be a bright, glossy white or even use color to break up the space and create dimension.

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