Remodeling Do’s & Don’ts in Menlo Park, CA; Do Communicate with Contractors & More

Home improvements can turn into a nightmare taking twice as long as anticipated and costing twice as much money. But don’t let that stop you from getting the change you’ve dreamed about. You just need to make sure you understand what you’re getting into, how much you want to spend, a detailed plan and a hiring competent contractor. Being prepared for what’s to come will get you the kitchen, bathroom or other home renovation you want without losing your mind!

Do’s of Home Remodeling

1. Do ask for a contract. Make sure you get a contract that includes start and finish dates, the total cost, a payment schedule, contractor’s license number, names of all parties, details on the project and provisions for early termination.
2. Do consider the contractor’s personality. Speaking of the contractor, make sure you choose one that you are comfortable with because this person will be in your home daily for the duration of the remodel.
3. Do be cautious of a contractor that won’t give you a timeline. If your contractor doesn’t want to give you a completion date it might mean they have too much going on and may not get it done on time.
4. Do create a directory. Keep a notebook with all the contact information for each person that will be working on the remodel.
5. Do come up with a decision maker. Appoint a family member to deal directly with the contract to avoid any “he said, she said”.
6. Do put your valuables away. Store anything that’s breakable or valuable out of the construction zone.
7. Do establish boundaries. You need to make sure that the crew knows where your yard ends, so they keep all the debris from your home on your yard.

Don’ts of Home Renovations

1. Don’t be absent. You need to communicate with your contractor via phone or email on a daily basis and meet with them at least once a week face-to-face.
2. Don’t micromanage the crew. The crew will not want you hovering over them. You should schedule a weekly meeting with the foreman to discuss the work.
3. Don’t undercut the contractor. You can ruin your relationship with your contractor if you decide to hire a member of the crew to come in and work after hours foe less pay.
4. Don’t be shy about money. When it comes to money you need to be open about what you want to spend. It will be in the contract anyway.
5. Don’t rely on your imagination. You need to ask to see color swatches and paint samples to make sure you get exactly what you want.
6. Don’t be ignorant about permits and regulations. You need to make sure you visit your local building department to find out what requirements may affect the remodeling design you want. If you have a contractor, they will take care of the permits.
7. Don’t forget there is an end date. Remodeling can be messy and disruptive. Just remember that it will come to an end.

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