Makeover Renovation Ideas for Updating Existing Staircase Design in Palo Alto, CA

Do you want to make an impact with the look of your home? There are some areas that you can put some effort into that will make a huge difference with how your home looks and feels. One area that can use your attention and some change is the stair case. This is an area that is often overlooked and left the way the builder created it. That is not always the best option if you want to have a more elegant and beautiful look. When you finally change out the stairs and make them a more elegant look and feel you will see what a great addition it makes to your home.

Future Vision Remodeling Lists Tips to Transform Your Existing Staircase

Change the Stair Material: Many homes are set up with a staircase that is functional and take up the least amount of space. That does not mean that you can’t make them a focal point in the home. The first area you can look at is the material that is being used on the actual stairs. The majority of the time the stairs are just carpeted the same as the other areas of the house. This is usually the same carpet that is in the bedrooms and living spaces. If you want to have a more elegant look to the space and the stairs you want to take the carpet out of the picture and choose a more elegant material. You can use hardwood to cover the stairs that will be a great way to tie in the colors and other materials in the house. You can also choose to have natural stone tile used on the stairs that can be buffed and shined. These are all great additions to make your stairs a focal point and more elegant.
Update Indoor Stair Railing: When you look at the staircase that is in your house many of the stairs are built up with a wall that basically covers the space. This makes it so that you cannot see the actual stairs and the material that you are choosing to use. The covered wall should be taken out of the space and a wood railing is a great option to upgrade to. You can choose to have railing that is made from wood and can be as intricate as you choose. The wood can be painted a color to match the rest of the home or stained to show off the beautiful look of the wood itself. You want to make sure that you know what you like and what you want out of your wood railing.
Changing Staircase Design Layout: The next thing that you can look at is if you want to change the shape of the layout of the stairs. Some people choose to open up the base of the stairs to make a grander look when you are ready to head up the stairs. This is a great option to make the stairs look and feel more grand and elegant.

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