How to Make a Small or Half Bathroom Look Bigger & More Elegant in San Jose, CA

When you’re dealing with a small or half bathroom, it can be a challenge to make the space feel larger than it actually is. There are some finish choices you can make to create a visual illusion and make the bathroom feel bigger than it did before. Future Vision Remodeling is here to share some of these tips with you in an effort to help our customers make the most out of their small bathrooms.

Choose the Right Size Bathroom Vanity

The vanity you choose for your bathroom will have a large impact on the overall feel of the space. When you have a small bathroom, you need to choose an appropriate vanity or the vanity will overwhelm the room. A great choice for a vanity in a small bathroom is the pedestal sink. This will do much to open up the bathroom while other vanity options will not.

Small Bathroom Entry Door Ideas

Think about how much space a standard door takes up as it swings open. There are other door options you can choose to help your small bathroom feel much larger. Consider getting a pocket door that will seamlessly slip into the wall rather than swing open, requiring open space to do so. You can use every square inch of the bathroom when you choose a pocket, or a barn door instead.

Open Shelves & Cabinets Design Ideas

Shelves are a must in small bathrooms to help with storage. Choosing open shelving rather than closed closets can make your bathroom feel larger and still give you the storage you need. There are several vanities that have open shelving underneath the sink that may be a wise choice if you are looking for smart storage.

Advantages of Mirrors

The reflections of multiple mirrors in your bathroom creates the visual illusion that there is more space than you actually have. You may want to choose a mirror that will stretch across the large wall above the vanity rather than a framed mirror in a small bathroom.

Bathroom Window Ideas for Small Bathrooms

There is no doubt that having a window in your bathroom will open up the space. Even a small window will go a long way in providing the room with the natural light it needs to feel large. Not every bathroom has this option, but if you do, choose the window.

Play with a Light Paint Color Palette

When you are choosing the color for your small bathroom, choose a light neutral color to create an airy feeling in the room. If you want some color in the bathroom and don’t want the entire room to be white, consider adding splashes of color in the accessories rather than the entire wall.

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At Future Vision Remodeling, one of the areas we specialize in is bathrooms. If you are struggling with your current bathroom and want to know what changes can be made to help it feel larger, our team of experts can help you reconfigure the space and create a small oasis for your home. Call us today!

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