Luxury Designer Sunken, Stone & Other Bathtubs in Mountain View, CA for Your Bathroom Remodel

When remodeling a bathroom the main center piece is the bathtub. Taking a bath is one of the most luxurious and relaxing part of any person’s day. For those who love soaking and relaxing in a hot tub to defuse stress, an enjoyable bathtub is a must. There are many bathtubs on today’s market that can completely redesign an entire bathroom. Today Future Vision Remodeling will share some of the most luxurious bathtubs that may change your bathing experience forever.

Types of Freestanding & Other Bathtubs

Sunken Bathtubs: One modern bathtub design that is quickly rising in popularity is a sunk-in bathtub. The main element of a sunk in bathtub is of course the bathtub is level, or slightly higher than the floor. Often, like a pool, there are surrounding water guards or drains to capture any water over flow. Sunk-in bathtubs are built in during construction and is aligned with natural stones, ceramic or in some cases, wood. Many people love the way the bathroom looks and the feel of stepping into a sunk-in bathtub.
Wooden Bathtubs: Another style bathtub that is growing in demand are wooden bathtubs. Wooden bathtubs are built in three different ways. One is that a porcelain tub is plated with a stunning cherry wood. Another methods is similar to a Japanese bathtub. Japanese bathtubs are made from solid planks of wood with a seat built inside. They are more narrow but much deeper than the classic bathtubs. The third wooden bathtub is simply beautiful. It is made from a single piece of wood. The wood is chiseled into a bowl or bathtub shape. All wooden bathtubs are smooth and heavily coated to enhance the wood’s color and of course, to protect the wood from the water.
Stainless Steel Bathtubs: For those who love a more modern scheme, this may be the bathtub for you. If you are remodeling your bathroom and want a modern feel, one of the recommended bathtubs are the stainless steel tubs. Stainless bathtubs vary in design. However they look amazing, especially in modern designs.
Glass or Illusion Bathtubs: Another luxurious bathtub is the Illusion bathtub or glass bathtub. Glass bathtubs received the nickname “illusion bathtubs” since you don’t see what is holding in the water. However glass bathtubs also vary in design. You can find a wide range of modern style bathtubs all made from glass. They create an amazing effect and some are very comfortable.
Brass or Copper Bathtubs: Often referred to as France bathtubs, brass bathtubs look classy and are very comfortable. Also made from copper, both brass and copper bathtubs fit great in antique or old fashioned style bathrooms.
Natural Stone Bathtubs: For those who love stone, your mouth will drop at some natural stone bathtubs. Some stone bathtubs are made from natural stone tile pieces coming together to create a natural wonder. You can even find single pieced natural stone bathtubs that are cut from a single piece of stone. Depending on the design, natural stone bathtubs can be a work of art. Those who have natural stone bathtubs love them.

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When remodeling your bathroom, make sure that your remodel fits and is designed around the most essential piece of any bathroom; the bathtub. Bathing is relaxing and luxurious, so don’t neglect your bathtub during your bathroom remodeling. For luxury home remodeling services, contact Future Vision Remodeling today.

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