Luxury Modern Bathroom Designs in Monte Sereno, CA; Radiant Floor Heating, Smart Shower & More

Five years ago if you would have asked someone where the soul of their home was, they would likely answer with the kitchen, living room, or maybe even the bedroom. These days more and more people are turning to transforming their bathrooms into a place of luxury, their very own personal spa style retreat. There are so many ways to make this space your own. Today’s trends change so rapidly that it’s almost difficult to keep up! With a vast array of choices to pick from what is your ideal style? I have always loved the warmth and comfort of a rustic style farmhouse feel. Something about this particular style screams home and comfort to my soul! I long for the moment when I can come home, leave my worries at the door, and dive into a hot bath in my custom spa style bathtub and soak away the worries of the day.

Radiant Bathroom Floor Heating

The sky is the limit with all the custom features one can incorporate into this space to make it truly theirs. I will start by saying heated floors are a must! It is a luxury in itself to feel warmth beneath your feet after a long hot bath or shower. In floor heaters provide comfort, offer noise reduction, and reduces allergens by limiting the amount of dust that gets shifted around and kicked up due to air flow.

Smart Shower, Intelligent Toilets

With today’s technology it seems like just about anything can have a smart feature. You can add a smart shower that knows your preferred water temperature and plays your favorite tunes on demand! The fun doesn’t have to stop there, what about your toilet? In Japan, high tech toilets made an appearance on the market just a short while ago and have been booming across the globe ever since. These smart toilets come with seat warmers, auto open lids, slow close features, adjustable air dryer and built in deodorizers because let’s face it who wants to smell an unpleasant odor in their soulful retreat right?

Fog Free Vanity Mirrors & Undercounter Refrigerators

Fog free mirrors stay clear and allow you to start your beauty regiment right away without having to wait for them to clear up! Let’s not forget heated towel racks that keep our towels toasty warm for us! Under vanity refrigerators are making their way onto the scene making it easy to store your cold drinks, medicine, and organic facial remedies right in the comfort your bathroom eliminating the need to walk all the way to the kitchen!

Bathroom Decorating Designs

Now, let’s talk about the aesthetics of our space. Bold accent walls and natural organic flows of color offer serenity and peace in your little slice of heaven. Adding in aged floors, custom cut tiles, or weathered tiles will give this space character. Vintage plumbing fixtures, like the ones you would find in your grandma’s bathroom are making their way back onto the scene these days. You know, the old brass or gold fixtures you grew up seeing? Yep those are the ones! This small addition is sure to add charm and will stand out against neutral colors. Lights that are hung above mirrors are known to create a shadowing effect your face and are unflattering, so I recommend adding a chandelier instead! Seamless showers make the perfect addition to the organic flow of this space they also reduce the risk of injury from falling!

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