Garage Conversion Layout Designs & Remodels into More Living Space in Saratoga, CA

For many homes, the garage is just a place to park the car, store our belongings and hang our stuff, but with a little bit of imagination, it can be turned into an area that can be oh so comfortable and lots of fun. You can make your garage an extension of your home.

Garage Layout Zones

Figure out how you want to divide your garage into livable space. An area for your vehicle, and area for your workshop and one for relaxing, for example. Then you need to figure out how to store items in each of these zones. To hide tools, consider a metal tool chest, wooden cabinets can also be used to store items. You can get any look you want with some creativity. After the zones are organized, they will all stand apart from each other. Partitions can be used for even more division with several options to get the look you want.

Attached & Detached Garage Design Ideas

Once the zones have all been established it will be time to make the space your own. If one of your zones is meant to be a workshop, then make sure you have a large enough work bench to get stuff done. Make sure you have enough power and outlets for tools and storage for organization. A shop vac is essential to keep the space clean. If it’s a place to kick back, then make sure it’s comfortable. Come up with theme and stick to it. Consider installing a mini fridge, a video game system, a dart board, etc.

Garage Conversion Climate Control

An uninsulated garage will be an uncomfortable place to be in the winter and the summer. Uninsulated garages have beams that are exposed, making it easy to put insulation up and cover it with sheetrock. This will make the space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. If your garage in finished and uninsulated then consider having insulation blown in behind the walls. If insulation isn’t an option, space heaters can be used in the winter and fans can be used in the summer.

Garage WiFi

A renovated garage simply needs WiFi to complete it. If the WiFi signal in your home isn’t strong enough to reach the garage, install a signal booster to have everything the internet provides in your new garage.

Garage Plumbing During Renovation

Most likely, your garage already has a water line running through it. If you wan to add a bar sink or utility sink you can splice off of it. Cold water is all you need to give mugs and glasses a rinse, but if you really want to have hot water in your garage you can install an on-demand tankless unit under the sink.

Garage Flooring Ideas

The floor in your garage can be painted if it’s in good shape but power wash it beforehand and fill in any cracks with a repair compound. You will also need to check for etching because if the floor isn’t etched, the paint won’t stick. If water droplets bead on the surface, then the floor needs an etching product before you paint and don’t forget a primer before using a floor-grade epoxy paint. Gym-style rubber floor tiles can also be used if you’d rather skip painting.

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